A great example of how collaborative working can improve service delivery

26 March 2020
Image of Amey and military personnel in front of the Duke of Gloucester Barracks sign.

It’s great when Amey employees are recognised by our customers for the great work they do, so we were really pleased when we received an email from Major Ian Horner, the Quartermaster at 29 Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps at the Duke of Gloucester Barracks, praising our Delivery Manager, Colin Jones for consistently delivering an excellent service at the site. 

Major Horner has established a great working relationship with the DIO Estates Facilities Manager, Amanda Knox and in particular, Colin, who he describes as stalwart, dedicated professional and a ‘force enabler.’ He said Colin has helped him improve his soldier’s lived experience and maintaining operational output. 

He said, “This fully operational station is the home of the Joint Air Mounting Centre where around 25,000 personnel are mobilised each year. However, the Station is old and tired and in constant need of attention. This is where Colin comes in. He is my subject matter expert, helping me to prioritise works in order to maintain operational capability and the welfare of over 550 soldiers based here. He runs a tight ship and has excellent inter-personal skills which he uses to get the best out of his teams, sub-contractors and other industry partners. Colin is a superb ambassador for you and your company, and I feel it's in order to let the chain of command know.  I would like to pass my gratitude and appreciation for his hard-working spirit and for constantly going the extra mile for me and my soldiers.” 

Colin attributes the successful running of the site to the great working relationship he has with his DIO counterpart Amanda. He said, Running the site from both a hard and soft FM perspective is truly a joint effort. Amanda and I share the same goal and constantly strive to deliver the best service for the end users. We support each other, despite the challenging nature of the business, and recognise the importance of ensuring the site is well run – it also helps that we take turns buying the coffee!”