Amey’s Local Customer Service Advisor makes her BFBS debut in support of Service

03 July 2020
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Juggling work and family-life can be a difficult job, but even more so if a partner is in the Armed Forces and regularly away from home on deployment. That’s why our team of Local Customer Service Advisors (LCSAs) are stationed at 20 of the larger MOD locations across the UK, providing families with the opportunity to speak to an advisor in a more comfortable setting, rather than contacting our customer service centre in Liverpool.  

All Amey’s LCSAs have a connection with the Services, past or present, so they understand and empathise with the challenges that Service life can bring. They are able to help with housing queries and general information about the area they live in and can promote Amey’s regular ‘drop-in’ sessions that are held across the contract. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent UK lockdown, our LCSAs have continued to support Service families and local welfare teams by providing the same service as before, but doing so from home.  

Stacey Lyons, our LCSA based in Aldershot, is passionate about supporting her local Service community. Stacey has vast experience of being part of the military community, having served for 13 years including roles with the military police, the Dental Corps and the Reserves. Stacey’s husband currently serves with the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards in Aldershot and Stacey lives in Service Family Accommodation (SFA) maintained by Amey, so she has first-hand experience of what it’s like living in Army Quarters. 

Stacey said “Along with my fellow LCSAs across the UK, we’ve been fully focused on making sure families continue to have easy access to our information and guidance throughout the pandemic, as well as someone they can talk to about local issues. We can act as a liaison between them and the welfare unit to resolve any issues they may have and also deal with local, low-level complaints to provide a quick resolution.”  

There are around 3,600 Service families living at Aldershot Garrison and Stacey already creates a monthly newsletter which is really well received, however she felt there was more she could do to support local Service families during these unprecedented times and began to think about other ways to reach out to her local military community. 

“One of the ladies I have regular contact with at the Army Families Federation mentioned she was going to do a recording for British Forces Broadcasting Service which included a section about Service Family Accommodation. I immediately saw an opportunity for me to share our information with Service families from all areas of the UK, everything from what to expect when moving in or out of their homes, to how to contact us if they need support.” 

Stacey’s radio debut took place on 26th May at 9.10am and was broadcasted across the local area – it’s now also on the BFBS Facebook page for the wider Forces family to access. Although Stacey admits to being a little nervous at first, she thoroughly enjoyed the experience and feels proud to have been provided with the opportunity to communicate with Service families who may be isolated at home. 

“I receive an average of 20-25 enquiries a week so I’m kept pretty busy. Supporting families on a local level is very important to me. Aldershot is my old stomping ground when I served in the military and I now live on the Garrison myself so I know how important it is to offer support when needed. Being part of Amey’s Local Customer Service team is something we all really enjoy – it’s great being able to play a part in helping to take away some of the stresses of being in the Forces.”