Amey in 5th Year of partnership with GEEP to encourage diverse graduates

06 January 2020
Leading service provider, Amey, is continuing its partnership with The Graduate Engineering Engagement Programme (GEEP) to encourage students and graduates from diverse backgrounds into the engineering field.

The programme, led by The Royal Academy of Engineering, in partnership with SEO London, looks to aid the transition of engineering graduates from diverse backgrounds into engineering employment. It seeks to address the unequal employment of BAME engineering students within the field and was designed to inspire, attract, recruit and retain.

Since the programme began, GEEP has seen 653 students from 66 different universities participate. Of which, 91% were BAME, 30% female and 80% were from non-Russell Group Universities.

For the 5th consecutive year, Amey supported the two-day event: networking with prospective engineers, discussing their knowledge of the field and sharing the skills to succeed. The event, which was co-hosted at Amey’s Manchester offices, provided participating students with access to CV workshops, mock interviews, technical skills from industry professionals and career guidance. For those who go on to secure placements and internships, the programme provides mentoring from a working engineer.

Amey was among representatives from 16 world-class engineering firms who participated in the programmes’ Speed Networking session. This provided students with the opportunity to build relationships with and learn from some of the leading public service providers within the industry and enabled Amey the opportunity to encourage more young people to pursue a career in engineering.

Of the scheme, one student commented: “GEEP opened my eyes to the fact that being an ethnic minority student doesn't mean I have to suffer. I now know that there is opportunity for female engineers like myself. My favourite part was the speed networking session. I've never been in a controlled environment with an employer, with so few peers and I found it really valuable.”

Helen Townend, Technical Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Amey said: “We are proud to be partnered with GEEP for a 5th consecutive year. It is a fantastic platform for young people, which aids and encourages prospective engineers from all walks of life to transition into employment in the field.”