Amey helps keep local charity working for wildlife

23 January 2020
Image of a wooden building, with red bins and flower pots outside.

Amey has come to the rescue of a local wildlife charity in Mole Valley, Surrey, by finding an alternative way to assist them with the disposal of their animal bedding and general waste.  

The Wildlife Aid Foundation is a registered charity that has been running in Leatherhead for over 40 years. Until recently, the charity had relied on an incinerator to dispose of its animal bedding material. It wanted to find alternative and more environmentally friendly ways to manage its waste, however, costs were prohibitive and the charity, which relies on public donations, could not afford them. 

Amey, who provide household waste collection services in Mole Valley, worked with the charity to reach an agreement that now means the company collects the charity’s waste at a cost that enables it to remain open while adopting a more environmentally sustainable method of managing waste. 

Nicola Blake, Waste Account Director for Amey, said: “We were contacted by local councillor Patricia Wiltshire to find a way of supporting the Wildlife Aid Foundation with their waste issues. After discussions with the charity, we were delighted to be able to provide a solution that meant the charity no longer needed to burn waste and was not paying disposal costs that would have ultimately threatened the charity’s ability to continue providing the level of service it does. 

“We’ve been managing residential waste in Mole Valley for a number of years, so being able to help a local charity find alternative ways to manage its waste has been fantastic.” 

Vice Chairman of the Council, Councillor Patricia Wiltshire, said: “The continuous care of large numbers of wild animals generates a great deal of waste, the disposal of which can present a serious problem. Our own Leatherhead-based Wildlife Aid Foundation’s situation became desperate when the CEO, Simon Cowell, was told that he was no longer allowed to burn material in the open air, which resulted in the charity facing large disposal costs, which would have had serious consequences.  

“Our wild animals are under such a great threat from busy roads, various human activities, and habitat-loss through development, and there is a greater need for our Wildlife Aid Foundation than ever.  

“Amey came to the rescue and responded promptly and positively to my request for help. We are so grateful for this company’s active involvement because they are not only providing an environmentally-sustainable solution, but also making sure that the Wildlife Aid Foundation can continue operating.” 

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