Spotlight on Lucy Masters-Gough, Amey Defence Customer Service Advisor Helensburgh, Rhu & Glasgow

21 August 2020
Image of Lucy Masters-Gough, Amey Defence Customer Service Advisor.

Our people are at the heart of what we do at Amey and it’s their passion and commitment that allows us to positively impact our clients and their customers. This is no truer than across our Defence Housing Contract where often our team can use their first-hand experience to provide a better service for military families. Lucy Masters-Gough explains why being a military spouse has allowed her to better connect with Service Family Accommodation (SFA) customers: 

My husband is a petty officer submariner and has been in the royal navy for 13 years. I live in SFA which has really helped in my job as customer service advisor. The families recognise that I understand their needs and expectations. Having first hand experience allows me to deal with issues a little easier as I am in the same ‘boat’ as them. 

I have always enjoyed interacting with customers. This combined with working in a community know and understand was what initially attracted me. The hours were also a massive bonus as my son was still at nursery at the time and it enabled me to work around him. 

What I like most about my job is meeting and helping new people. I like the idea that everyone should be able to enjoy their SFA as if it were their own. I also love the team I work with who are more friends than colleagues now. 

Having empathy to different situations is what makes me good at my job. For example, the minute your spouse deploys usually the car breaks and the ceiling falls through! I know how difficult situations make people react as I have those experience and feelings too. 

Amey are a fab company to work for. I have been supported through different personal situations without being made to feel like it was an issue. They’re truly supportive of Armed Forces spouses and understand the unique situation we are in.  

The team I work with are a fantastic source of knowledge and experience and have a deep-rooted passion and care for the communities that we live and work in. I know that the people I speak to appreciate having someone they know and who knows the area. Little things like understanding different housing layouts or giving local advice for days out is a huge part of our success.