Amey Utilities duo’s Whitby trip brings back happy memories for customer

28 August 2020
Image of Amey utilities workers stood in front of a van.

A small act of kindness brought a huge smile to a Yorkshire Water customer’s face recently, thanks to father and son team Dean and Reece Jagger, who work for leading public services provider Amey, who are contracted to deliver services on behalf of Yorkshire Water.  

Having finished some essential repairs at the gentleman’s property, Reece was chatting to the man and mentioned their next job would take them to the seaside town of Whitby. 

The customer, Mr Hotham, revealed that the popular resort was a much-loved holiday destination for him and his late wife, whom he very much missed, and jokingly requested they bring him back a stick of rock. 

Dean and Reece secretly agreed they would indeed bring back a selection of the seaside treat, which Dean then personally delivered, much to the surprise and delight of Mr Hotham.  

Yorkshire Water shared Mr Hotham’s heartfelt thanks with the team and how he said it had ‘restored his faith in human kindness’. Dean and Reece also shared how nice it was to ‘hear the joy in his voice that this had happened’. 

Dean said: “Once my son had mentioned how much of an impact Whitby has on this man’s life, we both agreed on getting him some rock. We were going to post it to him at first, but I wanted to make sure he received it. 

“We’re glad we could both bring some happiness back in this man’s life especially with the times we are living in right now.”