Amey Consulting start design and development work on the Mumbles coastal protection project

07 August 2020
Amey Consulting has recently been awarded the design and development of the Mumbles Coastal Protection project by the City and County of Swansea.

The project forms part of Welsh Government’s Coastal Risk Management Programme and provides an opportunity to address the current issues of the condition of the Mumbles’ sea wall and address long-term flood risk affecting the community.  

With the project now underway, Amey Consulting is leading the multi-discipline design team, working closely with marine and coastal flood risk management experts JBA Consulting, and design and planning consultants LDA Design. 

The Mumbles section of the sea wall and promenade is a significant asset lying close to the heart of the settlement, providing views across Swansea Bay, access to the foreshore and a focus for tourism leisure activity and events. 

The project will support Mumbles as a sustainable tourist destination by not only reducing the long-term risk of flooding and coastal erosion, but also celebrate what makes Mumbles special. The work will maximise the opportunity for wider community benefits such as improvements to amenities and providing recreation value of the promenade for visitors and residents. Opportunities for economic and social regeneration in the community will include the potential for high quality improvements to the promenade, improved linkages to the community and waterfront whilst preserving and enhancing the natural and historic environment. 

Caroline Lewis, Country Director Wales, Amey Consulting, commented: “We’re pleased to have been awarded the Mumbles Coastal Protection Project and to be working with The City Council of Swansea for the first time. This project aligns with environmental and sustainable development priorities where we are collectively working to tackle climate change. We’ve taken a collaborative approach to partnering, working with JBA Consulting and LDA Design in order to deliver safe and aesthetically pleasing outcomes for residents and visitors along the Mumbles coastline.” 

About The City Council of Swansea 

The City and County of Swansea Council is the governing body for one of the Principal Areas of Wales, covering Swansea, Gower and the surrounding area. The council consists of 72 councillors representing 36 electoral wards. 

Amey Consulting will be arranging a number of public exhibitions and consultations over the next few months but would welcome your feedback in the interim. A brief survey to provide initial feedback can be accessed by clicking the following link: