Amey and DIO forge ahead with commitment to deliver a great service to our Armed Forces

04 August 2020
Image of people sat in an auditorium.

Following the Government’s recent announcement to provide £200 million funding to improve the UK’s Defence accommodation, teams in Amey and DIO remain focused on their shared goal of working together for the benefit of our military customers.  

In our Regional Prime South East contract (RPSE), both organisations are forging ahead with their Collaborative Working programme known as ‘Setting the Conditions for Success’ with the theme of ‘delivering great service to our Armed Forces’. 

The programme, created almost two years ago, involves Amey and DIO employees from all areas of the contract and provides a forum where they can share ideas, identify good practice and highlight areas for development. The latest workshop, held at RMAS Sandhurst, was focused on project delivery, and specifically, how to reduce potential delays in the process. 

Hosted by Richard Castell, Amey’s Operational Relationship Manager, and Michelle Harper, DIO’s Assistant Head, Regional Support Team, senior managers from both businesses took part in a mock exercise to assess a large project. They were tasked with reviewing the whole process from project inception to delivery, giving them a better understanding of where delays can occur and provide insight into some of the challenges their counterparts face and how they can better support them. 

The workshop ended with a positive assessment of project delivery last year and an open and frank discussion about the future FDIS requirements. 

Richard Castell from Amey said: “During the workshop, some key lessons were identified and actions will be developed to address these issues. It’s only by taking the time to look at how we can improve our processes that real change can be introduced. There is no single magic wand to make things perfect but by introducing several small changes we can start to see noticeable improvement that will positively impact the service we provide to our military community. That process of continuous improvement is at the core of our ‘Setting the Conditions for Success’ joint programme.”