Pearl: managing complex structures

01 September 2019
Image of a bridge over water.
Pearl is our cloud based asset management solution for supporting inspection and maintenance operations on some of the UK’s most iconic civil structures. It is a lightweight, highly-configurable system, designed to support inspection and maintenance operations on structures that are too complex for portfolio-level systems to handle.


Transport Scotland were faced with significant challenges regarding the management of complex structural hierarchies of large assets. While paper-based inspection processes were unable to provide data insights into structural health and maintenance. Engineers were spending large amounts of time performing administration tasks to schedule, record, and report inspection results. Files and data regarding each asset were stored in various legacy systems and physical locations.

Our Approach

We developed a bespoke lightweight, highly-configurable data capture platform we call Pearl designed to support inspection and maintenance operations on behalf of Transport Scotland.

The launch of the platform transformed the delivery of its inspection and maintenance operation, generating significant efficiencies to the process, visibility, integrity, and accessibility of its asset data.

We digitised the client’s full inspection workflow providing standardised data capture processes using web and mobile applications, allowing engineers to collect and validate data on-site and synchronise information with a single source of truth hosted in the cloud. Storing an inventory for each structural asset and its components with associated asset inspection and maintenance details. Having all inspection data verified and secure within a single system allowed us to create and generate automated reports for submission and approval by the client's authority.


The centralised storage of asset information in our platform unlocked the power of data driven decision making within their organisation by providing live analytical dashboards displaying key asset condition and maintenance metrics giving engineers the ability to see how inspection findings translated into maintenance actions.