Mercury: Predictive Asset Intelligence

01 September 2019
Image of a fuseboard.
Assets are getting more sophisticated. Event and condition monitoring data systems are built into many assets. Often, data is ignored because there is too much of it, it is too low level, and no-one understands it.

Mercury is our cloud based service solution for gathering, analysing and understanding asset data to enable predictive analytics and improve asset performance. Mercury is already deployed on a number of high profile European infrastructure projects, including London Underground.

Mercury understands data from both new and existing asset bases: It brings together data from multiple sources: event and condition monitoring systems, and maintenance and asset management databases, and presents them via intuitive and powerful visualisations. Machine learning modules add predictive analytics to generate understanding of short and long term asset behaviours.

Monitoring and Prediction

Mercury moves asset operations ahead: asset managers can move from asking “What must I do now?”, but “What should I do next?” Live data from assets, or automated email reports from existing monitoring systems, feed directly into Mercury’s monitoring and prediction suite where the dashboard provides a powerful snapshot of the current status of the asset. Continuous monitoring allows maintenance frequencies to be challenged: unnecessary site visits and interventions can now be avoided.

Investigation and Diagnostics

Knowledge of asset behaviour improves fault investigations. Mercury’s powerful analytical and predictive tools drive understanding of fault paths, thereby reducing risk. Machine learning identifies fault fingerprints, improving detection rates and lead times, and therefore asset availability. Mercury takes all the data from event and condition logs, and builds sophisticated software models of asset behaviour. Sophisticated yet intuitive visualisations drive investigations of failures and alarms, and enable improvements in design and operational procedures.

Action and Resolution

Mercury reduces the incidence of "No Fault Found" conditions by seeing the problem before the inspection. Real-time understanding of how maintenance impacts asset behaviour enables asset managers to remotely check that maintenance has been executed and assets are working correctly. Mercury integrates multiple data sources so event and condition logs can be matched against maintenance logs.