The Great British Beach Clean

04 July 2018
Image of Amey employees litter picking at Formby beach.

Last week a team from Liverpool Design Hub, based in The Matchworks, used their Community Day to clean up Formby beach, just north of Liverpool.

This was part of Beachwatch, The Marine Conservation Society’s beach cleaning and litter surveying programme, which helps people all around the UK to care for their coastline.

The team spent the day picking up rubbish with 95 other volunteers. In total, they collected 357KG of rubbish from the beach including:

  • 1761 separate items of plastic
  • 400 items of small plastic / polystyrene
  • 379 items of food packaging e.g. crisps, sweets etc

With the importance of reducing plastic in our oceans high on the agenda, this exercise highlights the importance that we can all contribute to.

Sonia Smith said “The team enjoyed the day and feel proud they have contributed to cleaning Formby beach. It can continue to be enjoyed by local residents and tourists and creates a better place to live.”