Every Can Helps as Amey support Trussell Trust

13 December 2018
Amey employees helping at a Tesco foodbank stand.

Over ninety of our people supported the charity Trussell Trust by volunteering to take part in their #everycanhelps campaign in Tesco stores and at the foodbank’s warehouses.

In one of our biggest ever community initiatives, employees from across the UK used their community day to be part of the Trussell Trust team in Tesco Stores, encouraging shoppers to donate items of food to provide vital support for their local foodbank. Following this, other employees supported the charity by helping sort the seasonal influx of donations as they came into foodbank’s warehouses.

David Fawcett, Social Value Manager said “Yet again the Amey team have responded positively to requests from the Trussell Trust by volunteering for their local foodbanks in unprecedented numbers. I am very proud of the hard work, commitment and enthusiasm shown by all our volunteers, especially as many of the requests for help were very last minute.”

Following support for the charity from Amey in both 2016 and 2017 this year teams from Glasgow, Birmingham, York, Sheffield, Falkirk, Oxford, Hornchurch and Liverpool supported their local foodbanks.  

Lesley McCormack from our FM team in Glasgow commented: “Our team from the Scottish Schools contract, based at Southside House in Glasgow, were more than happy to get involved in this fantastic initiative. It was a great opportunity to support Trussell Trust and give something back to the local community.”

James Hicks, Water Design Engineer for Consulting and Rail was the local organiser of our Birmingham volunteers. He added “I believe it is really important that Amey supports community based charities such as the Trussell Trust. Community Involvement Days are a fantastic way for our teams to get involved and support local initiatives, step outside their comfort zone and have some fun!”