Asset Management Transformation Programme

19 December 2017
For over a decade Amey has been responsible for the management of assets on London Underground’s Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines. Continuous improvement is key, with performance and cost targets driving greater efficiency and enhanced service levels. For the 2012 London Olympic Games we needed to deliver record levels of fleet availability, performance and customer service.


At the outset there was little data available on asset condition and serviceability, with management relying on workforce knowledge. We focussed on data collection and introduced a bespoke enterprise asset management system. In parallel with these technology changes, we started a major programme of training, people development and organisational change so that business processes served a new, data-driven operation.

Our asset inventory has become the ‘single source of truth’ for asset information. Performance is summarised in real-time through a variety of dashboards. The asset management system drives work-bank planning, cost-tracking and investment analysis, driving management and investment decisions. Smart phones and tablets are used for information collection and rapid communication with site-based teams. Most importantly, the engineering and maintenance workforce have become the strongest advocates of Amey’s knowledge-driven approach.


Between 2003 and 2014 we demonstrated a 69% improvement in lost customer hours and an 88% improvement in rolling stock and signal failures. Cost savings against the original benchmark total many hundreds of millions. The benefits are set to continue as Amey deploys the latest analytical techniques to identify yet more savings and performance improvements.