Amey invests £1m in protecting cyclists

25 November 2015
Image of Amey Dartford vehicle, with a man driving and two men in suits stood outside, with a cycle safety banner

Leading public and regulated services provider, Amey, is investing almost £1m in innovative fleet technology that has the potential to save lives by making its drivers more aware of cyclists and pedestrians.

From today, Amey is starting to rollout the technology on its fleet. Over 100 refuse collection vehicles in London will be equipped with the advanced system which uses smart cameras and sensors to help drivers avoid collisions with vulnerable road users.

The technology, known in the UK as Cycle Safety Shield, has been developed by Safety Shield Systems using technology created by Israeli firm, Mobileye. It incorporates strategically placed multi-vision sensors, which act as a driver's third eye and monitor blind spots around the vehicle. The system also provides drivers with real-time visual and audible alerts as the risk of a collision increases.

Mel Ewell, Chief Executive of Amey, said: "Amey is committed to ensuring public and employee safety, and we’re always looking at new ways to continue delivering our services as safely as possible. Working with our suppliers to roll out the Cycle Safety Shield system across our fleet, is another example of where we have gone above and beyond to help improve road safety in London and across the communities in which we work.”

When the rollout is complete, Amey will have around 200 vehicles equipped with this technology – making it one of the largest fleets in the UK to be fitted with this advanced system.

Iain Levy, Mobileye's Aftermarket Division Director of Business Development, said: “We are very pleased Amey has chosen Mobileye’s technology in the UK to showcase its commitment to helping make the UK's roads safer. Our technology is currently being piloted across the globe in the U.S., Germany, China, Japan and Australia. However, this fleet-wide rollout positions London as global pioneers in the adoption of lifesaving advanced driver assistance technology, and we hope that other cities continue to follow its lead."

As the sole UK provider of Cycle Safety Shield, Safety Shield Systems has been supporting Amey with the roll out of potentially life-saving kit.

Jon Guest, Director of Safety Shield Systems, said: “Amey has decided to install the system across their fleet to help protect vulnerable road users and Safety Shield Systems are proud to be working with them on this project. Amey will have one of the largest fleets in the UK fitted with the most advanced lifesaving technology available.”

In addition to the Cycle Safety Shield system, Amey has also fitted its vehicles with a number of custom features to increase visibility on the road network. These include a 360° camera system with full recording capability, additional amber beacons that give greater all round visibility to members of the public and fellow road users, as well as LED warning signs and an audible external warning which is activated when the left-hand indicator is in use.