New Amey refuse collection vehicle puts cyclist and pedestrian safety first

20 March 2015

Amey is piloting a new vehicle with state-of-the-art safety features including 360° cameras and pedestrian and cyclist facial recognition systems on its Cambridgeshire trade waste collection routes.

The vehicle features multiple pieces of equipment to protect the safety of cyclists and pedestrians including:

• A 360° camera which works in conjunction with a cab mounted monitor for total visibility around the vehicle including blindspots;
• Nearside and front facial recognition sensors to detect cyclists and pedestrians;
• Cycle safety shield with forward and side facing cameras to identify cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists;
• High intensity LED lighting fitted on all sides of the vehicle, helping to provide 360° visibility for cyclists and motorcyclists;
• A reversing radar system that automatically applies the handbrake if an object is detected.

Paul Kirkup, Principal Business Manager for Amey, said: “As a business, one of our key priorities is to protect the safety of members of the communities in which we work as well as our employees. Cambridge has a high number of cyclists using its roads which makes this the ideal location to pilot the vehicle.

“What’s unique about the vehicle is the number of safety features being used together. Visibility of cyclists and pedestrians can be an issue for large vehicles, so this combination of technology gives drivers improved awareness of what’s happening around their vehicle, as well as automatically detecting road users in the near vicinity. This is an important step towards making the roads a safer place for everyone.

“This prototype is the first to be piloted within the Amey business, and once we are happy with the results the safety specification will be included in all new orders of this type of vehicle.”