Building back responsibly by maintaining focus on gender equality

07 March 2022
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At all times, especially in times like these, it’s important to maintain focus on gender equality in the workplace so that we build back responsibly. This year, to mark International Women’s Day, our ‘Women@Amey’ Network is planning speed mentoring activities.

We caught up with Zeb Farooq, Principal Bid Manager with Amey Consulting, and member of the Women@Amey Network to find out more: 

At Amey we need powerful and relatable role models and allies across the entire spectrum of the organisation who are visible, active, and accessible in addressing gender equality in the workplace.  

Our 'Women@Amey' network, made up of over 400 members from throughout the business, aims to address this by attracting, developing, championing, and retaining women at Amey by supporting them to achieve their career goals, celebrate their successes and promote our business and what we do to a wider audience. 

We hope that the speed mentoring activity will build on Amey’s existing inclusion and diversity strategy, providing participants with a forum to network, raise their profile and discuss career paths with someone other than their line manager. 

We also believe it is important to mentor and develop the next generation of leaders. Mentoring is a critical component of professional development and enables the business to cultivate and develop its future leaders.  

Engaging these future leaders through mentoring will: 

  • Expand their horizons and increase their understanding 
  • Give them a glimpse into leadership 
  • Support our longer-term goals of developing a more diverse workforce & boosting the talent pool 

The key aims of the speed mentoring activity are to provide: 

  • The opportunity for mentees to meet mentors and discuss career paths and progression 
  • Inspiration, motivation, and continuous learning for all involved 
  • Different perspectives on career progression options, routes, or challenges 
  • Knowledge to support personal development plans and career pathway goals 

Organisations need to have an externally visible and energetic commitment to addressing gender equality in the workplace. With ultimate accountability at Board level and sponsorship at Executive level, our Women@Amey network forms part of our pan-organisation Social Value Steering Committee, to create a responsible business and a business with purpose.  

Holding back half the talent of the planet (women) will never lead to success or a positive outcome. Everyone has a role to play in forging a more gender balanced world.  

As a man, I feel all men have a duty and responsibility to show that we care about gender balance. We need more men who are agents of change who are improving gender balance in their personal, social, and professional circles. 

At Amey we are committed to ensuring that we create a workplace where the only thing holding us back is our ambition. We celebrate diversity and difference, and under Freedom to Perform, our way of working, we promote a people culture where everyone can be recognised for the value they bring and have the opportunity to thrive.  

Our role is to educate ourselves and to raise awareness. My simple call to action is: 

  • If you’re already involved, then stay involved and get others involved too. On this journey of gender equality, we have a responsibility to encourage others to follow and bring people along with us. 
  • If you’re not involved, then get involved. Engage with your Inclusion & Diversity and Business Leadership groups within your organisations. Be courageous, put your hand up and have a genuine commitment to do something about gender equality. 

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