Paul Pimlott: Creating social value is part and parcel of what we do

30 July 2021
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"Creating social as well as economic value is part and parcel of what Amey Consulting does, and that’s something which I’m proud to be part of".

Paul Pimlott, Director of Strategic Consulting – Analytics and Advisory, Amey Consulting talks about what attracted him to Amey Consulting, the culture of business and how Amey Consulting can help clients with managing the impact of global issues and trends such as climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Alex Gilbert, Managing Director of Amey Consulting, commented that: “Paul has helped contribute to the continued success of Amey Consulting over the last two years as both the team, the business and its reputation have grown. Amey Consulting maintains its commitment to delivering a high-quality service to clients, particularly through helping them respond and adapt to highly impactful global issues such as the Covid-19 pandemic, all while ensuring that the business is an inclusive environment which welcomes and encourages diversity”.

Tell us a bit more about your background?

I have an extensive background in consulting and advisory and have gained experience in a range of sectors, including utilities, logistics and defence. Prior to joining Amey Consultung, I was Director of Digital Asset Management at DXC Technology, where significantly grew that part of the business, enhancing the business’ ability to deploy advanced analytics and decision support tools. Before this, I worked for Selex Sistemi Integrati, where I led their London operations and delivered transformation programmes for Network Rail and Transport for London. I also led a train planning system transformation programme to increase timetable resilience and mitigate the impact of delays.

What attracted you to Amey Consulting?

There were two main reasons why I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to join Amey Consulting. First, Amey Consulting has an excellent reputation within the industry for creatively helping clients to add value. Second, having the opportunity to work with and shape key transportation networks and hubs, such as airports, rail networks and highways, is incredibly gratifying. The work involved is both complex and creative, but it also has a real impact on the day-to-day lives of so many people. For instance, creating new and more reliable long-term transport networks not only allows people to travel more quickly and easily, it can also create transformative economic, social and environmental value, particularly for more rural communities. A great example of which is our work on the Core Valley Lines in Cardiff.

How would you describe the culture at Amey Consulting?

When we hire, we look for people who are adaptable, eager to learn and really want to help clients. Our culture reflects that. It is defined by curiosity, problem-solving and brilliant relationship-building, and those aspects really come to the fore in our work with clients. We take an active approach to listening to clients and investing in our relationship with them so we can best meet their needs by helping to solve their problems. We really look to build long-term client relationships based on trust and a proven track record.

How can Amey Consulting help clients deal with the impact of current global issues?

With challenge comes opportunity. Climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic are both prime examples of this. Many businesses have been profoundly affected by the pandemic and as they come out the other side, they are going to have to think of new ways of doing business, cutting costs and adapting. Similarly, reaching Net Zero by 2050 is going to involve some profound economic, social and technological shifts. These challenges are precisely what we can help clients with – not just to help them reactively adapt, but to proactively utilise change to seek commercial benefits and create value. For example, through altering their businesses to fit with the new economic landscape that is emerging post pandemic, finding operational efficiencies and unlocking enhanced value or helping them create long-term, sustainable mobility solutions.

You have recently been leading the inclusion agenda in Amey Consulting’s advisory and analytics business. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

Diversity makes for a strong business. A fundamental part of encouraging diversity is recognising individuality – who someone is and what skills and attributes they have, regardless of background. We are striving to encourage diversity at all levels of the business and ensuring that equality is part of the bedrock upon which Amey Consulting rests. We also recently launched our Listen and Share Series, which allows individuals from underrepresented groups to share their experiences in a safe space, therefore building a more inclusive and understanding culture in the business.

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