How to lead your team with a focus on outcomes

10 December 2021
ariel view of a highway.
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Peter Anderson, Managing Director of Transport Infrastructure, joins Adrian Tatum on the latest Highways News’ podcast to discuss what makes a good leader. Enabling employees to excel at their roles by providing the right tools and governance to do their work, and make their own decisions based on the expert knowledge in the business.

Interview from 3min 15sec

“I think the leader needs to be honest, I think the leader needs to be authentic… because that’s how that leaders are better able to, to create followership. What a leader needs above all other things is a team that that follows the vision, follows the direction of travel, and feels valued and gets feedback by the leader.”

By inspiring and supporting everyone to be their best, enables the business to deliver quicker outcomes, better customer service, improved health and safety performance, and better engagement of their teams.

Hear Peter’s views on encouraging a high performing culture, working in communities, focussing on outcomes, and what the highways industry should be doing to lead the way.

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