National Customer Service Week: Stacey Lyons, Amey Defence Customer Service Advisor, Aldershot, discusses why the defence community is at the heart of what she does

Stacey Lyons, Amey Defence Customer Service Advisor
07 October 2020
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Our people are so important to what we do at Amey and it’s their passion and commitment that allows us to positively impact our clients and their customers. This is no truer than across our Defence Housing Contract where often our team are able to use their first-hand experience to provide a better service for military families. To mark National Customer Service Week, Stacey Lyons explains why her time in the forces has allowed her to better connect with Service Family Accommodation customers:

“I’m ex-military and my husband is currently serving and has been for 18 years. My sister-in-law, brother, aunt and husband’s uncle are all RAF or ex RAF and my brother-in-law is also in the Army. You could say that the military is a huge part of my life.

It helps to know the lingo when speaking to serviceman and their spouses. It helps them feel at ease and that they can relate to you. Because I am living the experience with them, I understand them and they understand me.

Children and my husband’s job meant that I needed to find a job outside the military - this job is so closely linked that it means I get to keep that connection with the forces. It weaned me off military life as it’s a massive thing for soldiers leaving the forces after a long period of service.

The job is flexible so works around my husband and children. I have very young children and my husband is away most of the time, sometimes at short notice.

I live in SFA, so I can relate to our customers and understand what really matters to them. Aldershot is my stomping ground, I know the units and area very well which really helps. I get a massive sense of achievement when I am able to help a family or impact the welfare of a family – even if it is just supplying information.

I understand what each different unit does and how they manoeuvre. I know the structure of a battalion, regiment, section and unit etc. so when speaking to a soldier it is easier to relate to what they are talking about. If he said he was part of the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards and was a rank below Sgt – I would expect him to be on regular guards and exercise. It helps me to relate and provide a better service.

I’m also a wife of a serviceman so I understand the trials and tribulations of having a job while raising children. Your partner can’t always be relied upon and this can make things extra difficult when trying to sort out issues and be available.

Amey has been a great employer for me. I am a dental nurse by trade (qualification gained in the Army) but I enjoy this job and get a huge amount of satisfaction.  Because it is such a fluid job, nothing stops therefore there is no time to be bored. I enjoy the incentives and ability to be independent and manage my workload. Makes me feel like I can be trusted to make grown up decisions. Service spouses are well supported.

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