National Customer Service Week: Allan Lee, Customer Service Advisor for FM explains the role our helpdesks plays in ensuring we are delivering for our customers.

Allan Lee, Customer Service Advisor
08 October 2020
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Our people are so important to what we do at Amey and it’s their passion and commitment that allows us to positively impact our clients and their customers. This is no truer than across our FM contract where our teams are helping keep critical infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, courts and prisons safe, clean and compliant. To mark National Customer Service Week, Allan Lee, Customer Service Advisor for FM explains the role our helpdesks plays in ensuring we are delivering for our customers.

“On the helpdesk, we support our customers across the UK, covering our Scottish, Northampton, Bradford and Barnsley Schools contracts as well as our Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust and MOJ (Ministry of Justice) prisons operations. 

The FM helpdesk is usually the first point of call for any customers reporting faults about the equipment othe fabric of the building.  

Customerentrust us to help them fix a problem or issue that could have an impact on the key public service they are providing. 

For example, if upon arriving at a school, there is a fault with any of the classrooms, our teams need to ensure we get this backup and running as quickly as possible to enable lessons to go ahead safely and as planned.  

Likewise in prisons, if specific systems fail, this can put the security of the prison at risk as well as the safety of prisoners and prison staff. 

So, as the first point of contact, it’s vital that we have the experience and knowledge to ensure wcapture all the relevant information that our teams on the ground need to respond quicklyfix problems first time, and get critical services back up and running 

The 24/7 service we run allows us to be there when our customers needs us. This has also been true throughout the pandemic due to the vital public services we support. I started working from home when the COVID-19 crisis hit, but for the FM helpdesk and our customers its been business as usual.   

The use of data and insights is becoming increasingly more important - and we are using this to help shape the service we deliver. If a common fault keeps getting reported, we can flag this to our client and work in partnership with them to limit the chance of these happening again - thus saving them time and money.” 

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