Mental Health Awareness Week #Kindness

Amanda Fisher, Chief Executive Officer
18 May 2020
Mental health awareness week poster 2020.
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Mental health is a topic that we’ve got more used to hearing over the last few years. But as we move through 2020 and how the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way we live, focussing on our mental health has never been more important.

That’s why throughout Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re raising awareness of mental health issues and promoting kindness to ourselves and others to help maintain, support and promote positive mental health.

Whether you’re a key worker delivering critical services to help keep the country moving or adapting to home working and juggling home schooling, everyone has different ways of coping with stress and anxiety. The one thing I do know, is that asking for support and help when you need it shows strength and bravery and we should encourage conversations about mental health issues to remove any stigmas that are still hanging around.

Now, more than ever, communication is key; at the heart of this are our leaders and people managers across the business talking to their teams. We will be sharing information and resources, as well as asking people to talk about their own personal experiences, all great ways to ensure our people feel supported and know about the help available to them.

Amey has enhanced its Employee Assistance Programme to include employees’ immediate family members. This service offers advice on many topics and a 24/7 confidential counselling. We also have a fantastic network of 215 Wellbeing Ambassadors and 120 Mental Health First Aiders across our business that offer support to our people and signpost them to help if they need it.

A fit and healthy workforce means we can play an integral role in Britain’s recovery. I cannot emphasise enough how impressed I’ve been with the work everyone has been doing at Amey to keep vital services running.

Let’s make sure we continue to look after ourselves and each other so that we can all come through this stronger together.

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