Amey CEO, Amanda Fisher, welcomes the Outsourcing Playbook V2

Amanda Fisher, Chief Executive Officer
10 June 2020
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Today I attended The Business Services Association roundtable to launch the Cabinet Office’s Outsourcing Playbook V2.

It was encouraging to see Playbook V2 place even greater emphasis on social value, innovation and SMEs in the day-to-day delivery of public services - areas where we have considerable expertise and which form the foundation of our Social Value Plan.

At Amey we take personal pride in our public service, and our business is built on the commitment we all make as individuals to our people and to the responsible contribution we make to society. This means taking care of everyone, including our suppliers and sub-contractors, and it means going above and beyond to deliver value for our clients and the taxpayer.

We are committed to the principles set out in the new guidance, and to working with the Cabinet Office to ensure our industry continues to innovate and deliver long-term benefits to society.

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