Amey to support Duke of Edinburgh mental health campaign

Sarah Hale, Social Value Advisor
08 December 2020
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The impact of the DofE on young people’s mental health and wellbeing

 At Amey, we have a long-standing and successful partnership with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) and, as part of that relationship, we offer the Gold Business Award to all our young employees under 23 years old. This is an 18-month programme pushing their limits and developing their key skills and attributes to boost their career prospects at Amey.  The award aligns with their personal development and growth within Amey, where they’ll set their own challenges to improve their self-development. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on young people, especially on their mental health.  The lockdown and social distancing measures could have damaging lifelong consequences for young people.  We know that young people are now more worried about their future.  As they find their place in the post-COVID world, the DofE is able to give them something to focus on and the chance to improve their essential skills to help them in life and work. 

Caroline Glen, Fundraising Director, Duke of Edinburgh commented: “As a partner of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) charity, for seventeen years, Amey has long supported the development of young people, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, recognising the value of achieving a DofE Award.  

So many of Amey’s young workforce has gone above and beyond during their own personal Gold DofE Award journeys. They have experienced a huge sense of achievement and enjoyment from their DofE; all whilst developing the distinctive characteristics of confidence, responsibility, leadership and teamwork, which are key to Amey’s success.  

These young people are the leaders and community citizens of the future – playing their part in helping the nation to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic - and we are thrilled to see Amey’s next DofE generation embark on this life-changing opportunity.” 

The impact the DofE has on a young people’s general wellbeing: 

  • 72% agreed or strongly agreed that doing the DofE is fun and enjoyable 
  • 75% indicated that the DofE has given them the opportunity to face new challenges 
  • 78% agreed or strongly agreed that it enhanced their CV or UCAS application 

Extracurricular learning has been a lifeline for young people during the pandemic, helping to boost their resilience, confidence and mental health.   

At Amey we have continued to support the DofE throughout the pandemic, seeing the importance the DofE has on a young person’s development and mental health, which is more important than ever.   

Sarah Hale, Social Value Advisor, at Amey saidWe know that the current pandemic is having a big impact on young people and navigating the new normal whilst at the start of your career can seem daunting and challenging. It’s therefore essential that young people can continue to learn and focus on their self-development during these unprecedented times.  

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Business Award provides the perfect framework for them to do that, and I’m absolutely delighted that 25 of our young employees have signed up during the pandemic. It’s really inspiring to see their resilience shine through at such a challenging time.” 

Jade Appleton, Senior Administrator at Amey, who completed her Gold Award in 2016, demonstrates how the DofE Gold Business Award helped her deal with her mental health: “I had always suffered with anxiety when it came to change and new experiences, so much so that I used to have very negative outlooks on what the outcomes would be immediately.  Little did I know how much life experience, confidence, skills and self-esteem I would achieve from completing my DofE.   

Since achieving my award and receiving this at the St James Palace in London; in the presence of the Earl of Wessex; Prince Edward and the Countess of Wessex; Princess Sophie, I am amazed how far I have come as an individual and my mental health through recognising my achievement has come along unimaginably. Recognising this achievement, and those through my work, has presented me with opportunities within Amey that I never imaged would happen so quickly!” 

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