Together, we can protect the environment, deliver sustainably and create a society where everyone can thrive

We’re taking action on sustainability at all levels of our organisation.

Our ESG focus areas

As a leading provider of infrastructure solutions, we have a critical role in protecting the natural environment while supporting the economy and communities. 

Our three key goals are to:

  • Accelerate the change to a resilient and low carbon future
  • Enhance the wellbeing of people and communities we impact
  • Achieve sustainable and responsible growth

As we take action on our strategy, we’ll report on our progress here to stay transparent and accountable.

How we developed our strategy

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the compass in our ESG approach. To develop our strategy, we prioritised key SDGs: 9 within the industry, innovation and infrastructure area and 11 within sustainable cities and communities.

So that our ESG work has more of an impact on the people who matter, we asked our key stakeholders – colleagues, clients, suppliers and local communities – what they care about. We’ve also applied the UN Global Compact model to measure the value of our ESG actions against whether they provide growth opportunities, increase productivity, or reduce risk.


Discover how we deliver more sustainably and drive action within our business.

Our strategy focuses on 12 key action areas where we can create change and lasting value.




In the face of climate change and the energy transition, we’re taking action in four key ways:

We're upgrading infrastructure so it’s more sustainable, reducing carbon emissions and optimising energy use, including using energy from renewable sources. 

Our mission is to protect biodiversity and encourage nature to thrive across the places we work, for example, by introducing attenuation ponds to reduce flooding on highways.

Extreme weather is here to stay, so how can we protect our infrastructure against it? Our answer is to use digital solutions to predict the impact of climate change on infrastructure so we can prevent it.

We’re also designing new solutions to improve its resilience.

We don't just talk the talk. We're actively working towards Net Zero by 2040. Our actions include better tracking our total emissions, switching to EV vehicles and equipment, and working with our suppliers to cut out carbon across our value chain. 

View our Roadmap to Net Zero in detail : Download our Roadmap to Net Zero




We’re enhancing the wellbeing of people and communities we impact in four areas:

As a people-centred organisation, we’re building on our legacy of creating opportunities and improving the wellbeing of our workforce, wider community and supply chain.  We have four key action areas:

We provide a safe, inclusive and progressive workplace where people can be their best. We aim to be the best in our sector for employee health, wellbeing and inclusion, as well as maintain our outstanding track record in safety.

We’re actively creating new employment and upskilling opportunities in our sectors for young people, with bespoke programmes and in the wider community for people who face barriers into employment

We’re collaborating with our suppliers to create more innovative solutions to drive value. And, by championing local businesses, SMEs and social enterprises, we can develop a more diverse supply chain and support the local economy.

We’ve always worked closely with communities to design and implement infrastructure projects to ensure they meet local needs, creating a positive and lasting impact. Now, we’re tracking the social value we bring so we can strengthen it, with a focus on ways to create healthy and inclusive communities.

Our Education Hub - exciting learning opportunities on offer, to help inspire and educate young people

View our goals and actions in detail: Download our ESG strategy




We’re achieving sustainable and responsible growth with these four priorities:

By running our business responsibly, we can drive sustainable growth while having a positive impact on the wider community and environment. Here are our four key action areas:

Our governance framework is designed to create long-term value for all our stakeholders. We’ve adopted the Wates Corporate Governance Principles for Large Private Companies, and we’re embedding ESG at every level of the organisation.

Learn more about how we’re driving responsible growth with good governance.

Every decision, strategy, and partnership is underpinned by the Amey Code, a shared ethical framework that defines how we behave.

Learn more about the Amey Code.

We can safeguard our purpose and protect our stakeholders by proactively assessing, managing, and mitigating risks. Alongside our risk management system, we are developing our approach to assessing and acting on ESG risks, including climate change risks and opportunities.

We hold ourselves accountable to our ESG commitments by publicly reporting our performance and benchmarking ourselves against industry frameworks and disclosures. 

Learn more about how we’re driving responsible growth with good governance.

Our Purposeful Partners

We’re signatories to, and partner with, organisations and initiatives that advocate for positive action.