Zero Code

Our Zero Code is our simple work code that highlights the key actions we must all take to protect ourselves and others from harm. Its aim is to focus attention on encouraging and developing correct and safe behaviours, and it applies to everyone who works for and with Amey.

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In 2021, across the whole Amey business 97% of our daily operations were delivered incident free and our reportable injuries reduced by a third. This is good, but there is still more we can do and our ambition is to continue to challenge ourselves to ensure that everyone goes home safe and well every day.

To stay focused on this goal, this year our emphasis will be on creating a culture of care, moving from rules to relationships, removing risk and ensuring our safety and wellbeing processes enable you to deliver safe operations every day.

These are the business wide, high level objectives which support and enable the Business Unit specific objectives.

Supporting documents

Zero Code PowerPoint template

Zero Code sun safety poster

Zero Code Huddle card

Zero Code Leaders checklist

Zero Code 'Five Whys?' exercise

Zero Code catalogue (this document is being updated please email if you need to order any merchandise or huddle boards).

The four principles

Ready to go

  • I will attend work, drive vehicles and operate equipment knowing that I am fit and well
  • I will always make sure risks have been assessed and that I understand them
  • I am clear on what my role is and the value I add to my team

Kitted out

  • I will only use the tools and equipment provided and approved for the task
  • I will only carry out tasks that I am trained and competent to do
  • I will always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment for the job

Stick to the plan

  • I will make sure I know and understand the plan
  • I will always check that I am following processes and safe systems of work 
  • If things change I will re-assess and only start work again when it is safe to do so

Stay alert

  • I will always make sure I am in the safest working position
  • I will remain alert to what is happening around me and react accordingly to stay safe
  • I will ‘Shout Out!’ if anything is unacceptable, to keep myself and others around me safe