Mental health and wellbeing

Mental wellbeing describes our mental state - how we feel and how well we can cope with day-to-day life. A mental health condition can feel just as bad, or worse, as a physical illness – only we can't see it.

'Putting people first' is one of our core values which underpin the way we work. By improving and maintaining good mental wellbeing in our workplace and supporting one another, we aim to provide an environment which involves and empowers everyone to deliver and grow.

Working with Time to Change

We’ve signed the Time to Change employer pledge to show our commitment to changing the way we act and think about mental health. By working closely with Time to Change to deliver our action plans we aim to improve attitudes towards mental health and increase support we provide to employees.

Our dedicated network

Our Mental Health Ambassador network promotes positive mental health and raises awareness of mental health conditions. The Ambassadors organise local activities and events to get people talking. They raise awareness of where and how employees can access support, as well as promoting national mental health and wellbeing awareness campaigns such as Time to Talk Day, National Stress Awareness Day and Mental Health Awareness Week.

Personalised advice and support

We offer all employees a 24-hour helpline seven days a week. Our Employee Assistance Programme provides free, confidential, external support and information on a wide range of personal and work-related issues and concerns. Whether it is a workplace problem, a relationship breakdown, or a financial issue that is causing distress, employees can receive round-the-clock support when it is most needed.


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