Meet your colleagues

Get inspired and gain real insight into what it’s really like to work at Amey by hearing from some of our current Graduates and Apprentices!


Gain a real insight into working at Amey and being a part of one of our Early Career Programmes by viewing our meet your colleague videos

You’ll find our current Graduates and Apprentices sharing their education and career journey, what they do in their role whilst also providing some inspirational career advice to their younger selves.

Meet your colleagues

AaliyahAaliyah Jabbar- Graduate Civil Engineer

What has been your biggest achievement since joining Amey?

As a graduate engineer at Amey, I have had the privilege of being part of a dynamic and forward-thinking team, where every day presents new opportunities for growth and innovation. Reflecting on my journey with the company, one achievement that stands out to me since joining Amey has been my role in producing safe systems of work for numerous site visits to address a scheme that required immediate attention. This was a crucial aspect prior to going on site to eliminate identified hazards (where possible) and complete site investigations with minimum risk. This was an achievement early on after joining Amey given the limited timeframe and experience I had before completing it.

Do you get many learning and development opportunities?

I hoped to gain a deeper understanding into how an engineer’s work in the office was developed and constructed on site. At Amey, I have had the opportunity to visit sites that I would work on in the future as well as being involved in client meetings before the design stage to recognise the development of a scheme. Through regular meetings with other graduates and the early careers team, I have also had the opportunity to build essential skills through workshops and training sessions. Moving forward, I am excited to continue developing my skills in engineering and embrace new challenges.

HamishHamish McNeill- Engineering Degree Apprentice

As an Early Careers employee, are you well supported within Amey?

Throughout my time as a degree apprentice at Amey, I have been extremely well supported by my managers and peers. Whether this be while working on brand new projects that I haven’t had any previous experience on, or by being allocated a buddy that helps to check and support my university work.

Amey’s commitment to skill development has been excellent. I have attended several skills workshops that have helped my professional and personal life, such as managing my own finances. I always feel well supported, with no hesitation to ask for help.

What has been your biggest lesson learnt whilst working in the business?

One valuable lesson which has stood out to me during my apprenticeship is the power of collaboration. Projects are very often a team effort and if everyone works and communicates well then, a lot of unnecessary issues can be avoided. I’ve come to appreciate that listening to my colleagues, learning from their experiences as well as sharing my own ideas will always lead to stronger outcome.

OliviaOlivia Simmonds: Graduate

What achievement are you most proud of since joining Amey?

I am most proud of the position I held on Amey's Shadow Board. The board's purpose is to address employee issues and workplace improvements.

I had the opportunity to solo present, pitching ways to make the Amey offices more inviting and inclusive. I am happy to have been involved in improving the Career Progression Framework and adding more variety to the technology that staff use on-site.

Overall, it was a privilege to have contributed to positive change within Amey.

Do you get many learning and development opportunities?

The business graduate programme at Amey has provided a wealth of opportunities, including daily interactions with senior team members who provide valuable guidance. In every team I have been a part of, individuals in more senior positions have been instrumental in my development, providing advice and support. Throughout the duration of my program, I have acquired a multitude of on-the-job business skills essential for success within the industry.

Beyond on-the-job training, I was encouraged to pursue the APMP bidding qualification and am currently in the process of applying for a Level 7 senior leadership apprenticeship, further advancing my professional development.

Kieran Mooney: Graduate Engineer

What do you enjoy most about your job?

There is lots to love! Having the opportunity to work on some of the largest projects in the country.

I am currently working on the Transpennine Route Upgrade project, which is a multi-billion-pound, transformative, railway infrastructure programme. It has been amazing for me to work on a project of this scale early on in my career.

Amey is really encouraging with both personal and professional development; I am currently working towards obtaining Chartership (CEng) status with the IMechE.

There is a huge Early Careers Community here at Amey which is great for networking and meeting new people who are in a similar stage of their career as you. It is a real positive as I have made some good friends and there is often special events and opportunities provided to the people in the community.

How do you make an impact at Amey?

Amey offers plenty of avenues for people to make a difference. One of the biggest challenges I am taking part in is the Cancer Research UK Charity Challenge where my team of other graduates and apprentices are competing against others within Amey to raise as much money as we can for CRUK over a 5-week period.

I have additionally become a STEM Ambassador, with the aim of giving back to students that are looking to pursue a career in STEM. Finally, I am part of the Charity Champion group at Amey who look to take part and promote fundraising, whilst sharing some of the great charitable work that is going on all around the business.

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  • Aaron Dunstan – undertakes a wide rage of reactive maintenance tasks on both footways and the live carriageway, e.g. laying kerbs, footway surfacing, minor drainage works, ironwork or street sign replacement
  • Georgina Andrew - helps improve the world we live in by planning and designing the construction and maintenance of key infrastructure from road to railway
  • Nick Clarke - manages the operations (people, vehicles etc) and understands how we can do business better
  • Philip Forster - makes sure different systems within the railways work with each other
  • Sarah Richardson - helps to ensure the construction projects are completed within its projected budget
  • Jessica McHugh - responsible for the management of environmental issues
  • Jack Mahoney - completed a degree in engineering and is now getting first hand practical experience working on projects and writing reports

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