Personal pride in our public service

Committing to Better

To create better places to live, work and travel, we need to be the better too. So we provide the training, support and freedom our employees need to move forwards.

We promote innovation – and since good ideas can come from anywhere, we make room for debate, idea generation and feedback. Creating better can sometimes mean making bold decisions, too.

And it always means working to create a culture where everyone has the support they need to do the right thing.

Developing and supporting our people

We train everyone we hire here at Amey, so no matter your specialism, you’ll soon be even more of an expert in your field.

We need everyone to be masters of their day-to-day tasks and we’ll support you to get there. We also train our people to become leaders, so that whether you’re a manager or reporting to one, your workplace is a better place.

Whatever road you are on, whatever turn you want to take, our goal is always to make it easier for our people. We’re right behind you, every step of the way.

A springboard for new ideas

Innovation is part of everything we do here at Amey – we can’t create better places without it. We use smart technology to future-proof everything we build, and we even have our very own super team to stay ahead of the latest trends in data science and technology in infrastructure. The team is the largest of its kind in the UK and will be taking on some of the industry’s toughest problems.

We want our people to be part of the innovation that will, after all, affect their everyday working lives. So we’ve provided a platform called ‘Springboard’, where all Amey employees can challenge the status quo and put forward ideas for changing the way we do things.

We want every Amey employee to commit to better – to make things a little bit better everyday, whether in small steps or big leaps.

Our customer promise

Our customers face growing pressures to deliver more while spending less – a challenge that can seem daunting. So we’re creating better solutions to help them.

To do this, we use the latest technology to help customers make smarter decisions and stretch their budgets further. We share, learn and collaborate to make the best use of our varying expertise.

And of course, to help our customers, we have to help their customers. Almost everyone in the UK feels the effects of our hard work at some point during any one day.

We’re helping people get around by keeping railways, roads and airports in working order. We’re helping to power and heat people’s homes, and we’re supplying the water that fills their kettles, their dishwashers and their bath tubs. We’re keeping schools open and we’re improving service housing for military families.

That’s the power of our work to keep people throughout the UK safe and happy.

Do you want to make a difference every day?

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