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Ian Brown

Ian’s 66, he’s working with cancer, and he’s never been fitter.

Coping with prostate cancer is hard, but Ian never wanted to stop working. Five years ago, he endured two operations and seven weeks of radiotherapy.

"Amey was terrific and gave me all the time I needed."

Later, when he decided retirement wasn’t for him, Amey supported his choice and he carried on working three days a week.

We value his experience. As a Senior Project Manager, Ian manages our programme of upgrades for electricity substations across the south of England. It’s a constant programme of maintenance and refurbishment. Some of the substations are almost the same age as Ian, but they’re just as capable of doing a great job.

Ian’s now having further cancer treatment, but he’s doing well.

"I go to the gym and I’ve lost two stone. I’ve never been fitter."

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