Cambridgeshire Waste PFI Contract

Amey provides a complete waste management service for Cambridgeshire County Council that includes recycling, composting and the treatment of ‘black bag’ waste.

Through our 400-acre Cambridgeshire site, we process over 300,000 tonnes of waste each year and compost or recycle over half of this. We also provide services for trade customers including schools, health and social care providers and local businesses. We operate nine recycling centres across the county and two waste transfer stations.

Our facilities include a mechanical biological treatment plant for ‘black bag’ waste, an innovative ‘in-vessel' composting facility to process a variety of biodegradable waste that produces high quality soil improver, and a state-of-the-art materials recycling facility to process mixed recyclables collected from households and businesses.


David Trousdale, Technical Director of Amey Consulting’s Intelligent Mobility team, recently delivered a webinar to……

13 Jul