Transport for Wales

Working in partnership with Transport for Wales, KeolisAmey is an integral part of the delivery of the Welsh railway network.

Infrastructure management and transformation of the Welsh Government owned Core Valley Lines will be delivered by Amey, who for the past few years have been underway with the upgrade of the South Wales Metro – a vital system to provide convenient public transport access into the Welsh capital from surrounding communities.

A joint venture between Transport for Wales, Keolis and Amey will work together to drive improvements for passengers through versatile asset management, integrated ticketing, on demand transport systems, design and delivery including different modes of transport; and the ongoing integration of light and heavy rail.

The new arrangement came into effect in February 2021, after the impact of Covid-19 and subsequent fall in passenger numbers.


The 2022 Amey Early Careers Challenge is underway! 15 of our apprentices & graduates have been split into 3 teams……

8 Aug