Strategic Consulting are the Systems Integration Contractor for the 25km “Super Sewer” through the centre of London. The project is a 8-year design and build contract which has seen Strategic Consulting undertake the design of the communications network and the top-level SCADA system (LTT SCADA). It is the role of the System Integration Contractor to bring the tunnel to life, rather than a large concrete tube, through the use of user interfaces, algorithms and the network infrastructure. Additionally, the role of the Systems Integrator encompasses the development of Cyber Security policies, procedures and working practices to ensure the high-profile £4.5bn National Infrastructure tunnel is secure. 

Following on from the design phase, as the Systems Integrator Strategic Consulting are developing the applications; building a highly-resilient, highly-available system solution through the use of automated failover network paths and dual-redundant server and PLC architectures.  The test and verification of the system; both within the factory and at site is underway, with the use of manual and semi-automated test methodologies.  

Liaison with key stakeholders from Thames Water (end-user), Tideway (client) and the tunnel construction Joint Ventures (key integration partners) is an integral role of the System Integrator; bringing all parties on the journey to ensure a successful operational system in terms of both the delivery of the LTT SCADA and the tunnel system integrating with the existing sewer network. 


Tideway Project Delivery Manager

Rachel Blundell

Rachel has worked within the Tideway project since it’s commencement in 2015. She has undertaken a number of key roles to ensure that Strategic Consulting deliver their contractual commitments in a controlled, efficient and effective manner. Through her leadership and direction, the team have consistently met client expectations throughout the shifting landscape of a large construction project.