Amey Strategic Consulting has been a trusted partner to major railway infrastructure managers in the UK for many years.  We have established capabilities, track record and reputation within the rail industry.  Built from an understanding of how railway assets work and how industry operations perform, all supported by deep technical knowledge in Data Science and Information Services.

We recognise that the rail network across the UK is a complex and at times confusing system.  Not only do we understand how trains operate on the network but also how the railway systems and assets all contribute to providing a service to passengers.  Our holistic understanding of this system is our purpose and our mission is to simplify and enable our customers to make better decisions with data.

The natural place for our people has been right beside our customers delivering strategic data-led consulting, working as a direct advisor on how best to manage their assets.  The power of combining traditional engineering and operational expertise with our data and analytical insights makes Amey Strategic Consulting the ideal partner for our rail industry clients.

Our market leading solutions have transformed the way in which the rail industry can use data to maximise the performance of their assets and operations:

  • Quartz - our state of the art performance tool which utilizes to-the-second train movement data to present the performance of individual stations across the UK.
  • Mercury - our cloud based service solution for gathering, analysing and understanding asset data to enable predictive analytics and improve asset performance.
  • Pearl – our cloud based asset management solution for supporting inspection and maintenance operations on some of the UK’s most iconic civil structures.

Rail Market Director  

Mark O'Connor

Mark is a Civil Engineer by background with over 14 years of experience in managing complex infrastructure portfolios, both as a Client and as a Consultant. Mark started his career with Network Rail.  During his time with Network Rail, Mark led the development of innovative asset management strategies on high-speed railway infrastructure such as HS1, as well as major projects delivery for the Thameslink Programme, a major commuter route through central London. Moving on from Network Rail, Mark moved to consultancy, leading a Strategic Asset Management team for Wood Plc focusing on new markets in Transport and Defence. Now with Amey Strategic Consulting, Mark is the Rail Market Director responsible for growing Amey Strategic Consulting’s rail portfolio through leveraging its expertise in data science and asset management.  Improving decision making and driving business improvement for clients across rail.