The Highways Market is one of our fastest growing markets within Strategic Consulting.

We work with a variety of highways clients including Highways England, Transport Scotland and local authorities, helping them to use and apply data, systems and information to make better decisions about their operations and asset management activities.

Our customers in the market have complex challenges, including:

A lack of data-driven decision making in their organisations

Lack of internal, sustainable skills and capability

Areas of large capital overspend and underspend in construction, operations and maintenance, driven by inefficient planning

Poor understanding of how their assets are performing

Outdated and legacy systems and databases, which aren’t fit for purpose

This is where Amey Strategic Consulting bring its offerings to the forefront of the market. We work with our clients with a one team approach to enact and deliver tangible change and impact.

Our organisation has first-hand expertise in the operation and maintenance of highways assets, and we are uniquely positioned as domain translators to act as the gatekeepers between this real-world experience, and the world of data & IT.

Our approach has delivered over £100m in tangible financial benefits for our clients with examples around optimised gritting strategies, better identification of maintenance working windows, and application of computer vision techniques. Our work has had a genuine impact on safety improvement, data-driven culture development, and making people’s jobs easier.

This impact is only the start, and we aim to expand the market to new customers, who have even larger problems needing our help.


Highways Market Director  

Jacqueline Hood

Jacqueline has deep understanding and insight within the Highways market sector, having worked most of her career within the Highways advisory sector. Since the start of 2020 she has led and driven expansion of our Highways Market, helping realise substantial growth and supporting highways clients such as Highways England, Kent County Council, and Transport Scotland.

This growth has been enabled by delivering business value via application of data and IT driven solutions. Jacqueline has significant experience in ownership of strategic stakeholder engagement, most recently leading in Highways England to identify a pipeline of over 80 value-driven Data Science initiatives, of which will deliver upwards of over £100m in value.