Government and Defence

Strategic consulting has worked with a number of clients in the Government market sector. Our primary focus is to increase the value for our customers by allowing them to optimise whole life cost whilst achieving operational excellence and meeting their sustainability goals.  

We use an “Asset Management Performance” framework to provide advisory services and support shaping digital transformation journeys. To increase for focus on driving client value we use a number of innovative methodologies: -

Business driver assessment and data gap analysis enables our understanding of what data needs to be captured.

Use a “Golden Thread” methodology that links data, insight and decisions to business outcomes. 

Embed a value measurement in our data science process to measure the business outcome.


This approach combined with our knowledge of critical infrastructure has delivered a number of successful consulting engagements for our clients.  Strategic consulting has worked with a number of clients in the Government & Defence sector

UK Ministry of Defence

National Crime Agency


Amey's Secure Infrastructure Business

Strategic consulting has recently supported Ofgem with their evaluation of energy companies’ business plans for the new regulatory period. Amey worked with Ofgem to develop a Network Asset Risk Metric (NARM) model to test and model the benefits and risks associated with investments plans and to optimise these from the perspective of UK energy consumers.

Government & Defence Market Director / Partner

David Selway

David is a Chartered Engineer (ICT) with a unique combination of skills in IT, Digital Innovation & Marketing. A strategic thinker with commercial acumen and political awareness gained by operating at board level in a complex organisational structure. David provided strategic leadership to the digital transformation of Rolls-Royce's services business to implement a new service delivery model which enable significant growth in the services business. He was a founding member of the R2 Data Labs leadership team tasked with accelerate Rolls-Royce’s digital strategy. David joined Amey in 2019 and has held market lead roles for Government and aviation. He also played a leading role in the development of the digital innovation process that Amey developed for Highways England.