Procurement at Amey

As part of Responsible Business Week, Gerry Walsh, Chief Procurement Officer, shares with us how working with local suppliers offers us value for money while helping out local communities.

As a large national and international business, we spend over £1billion every year on goods and services. This ranges from materials we need for contracts, such as coated stone and aggregates, to staff equipment, such as laptops and PPE.

My role, and the rest of Group Procurement’s, is to ensure we squeeze every last bit of value from each pound we spend.

But value goes way beyond just what we pay for – it’s also about its quality and the supply chain that delivers them. It’s no good, for example, buying cheaper office chairs if they’re uncomfortable to sit in.

So what is responsible Procurement?

A key part of our Procurement philosophy is the need for responsible procurement. We’re always thinking what the environmental and social impacts our decisions have when paying for goods and services.

One example is how we can reduce our carbon footprint by using local suppliers – as less mileage is needed to deliver items or travel to job sites.

This in turn has a positive effect on local communities, through more employment and greater investment by local businesses.

Supporting local communities

Over 40% of our annual spend is with Small to Medium companies (SMEs). Our support of SLPs (Supported Local Providers) is another example of how we engage with local communities. We also look to support social enterprises, such as supplying signage materials via the RBLI (Royal British Legion).

Ultimately, responsible procurement is about taking a leadership position in the community and helping out with social issues relevant to our own business operations. This includes being transparent about our actions in these areas.

In this way, we can be proud of our performance in managing the procurement of our goods and services in a responsible manner.