Statement regarding sick pay

Amey prioritises its employees’ health and safety above all else.

Covid-19 has created a national crisis and these are unprecedented, fast-changing times through which we are working to support all our employees as best we can.

We are grateful that the unions have brought the issue around statutory sick pay for those affected by Covid-19 to our attention. We take pride in our employees being the driving force behind our business and we realise that on this occasion we got it wrong, for which we apologise.

We have conducted an immediate review of our policy and can announce that any employee who is affected by Covid-19 – because they are sick or are self-isolating - will not be penalised for the effects of Coronavirus. They will now receive full pay rather than statutory sick pay with immediate effect. This will also apply retrospectively to those that have taken time off due to the virus in the past few weeks.

This decision has been made to help protect our employees in the midst of the current Coronavirus pandemic, and ensure we are following government guidelines for keeping employees safe from the unnecessary spread of infection.

We are immensely proud of all our employees, many of whom are continuing to deliver essential services that are keeping our country going in an extremely difficult time.


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