Personal pride in our public service

Our Social Value

Never before has there been such a focus and scrutiny on the wider impact organisations have on society – on livelihoods, on the natural world and on the communities in which they and their supply chains operate.

And rightly so. At Amey, we believe sustainability and success are inextricably linked. That’s why our leadership is focused on social and environmental action, from giving everyone a fair opportunity to access the workplace, to moving to an economy that refuses to continue contributing to climate change.

As an organisation that delivers public services across the UK and beyond, it is our role and our commitment to work with and empower our employees, our suppliers, our customers, and our wider networks to genuinely be a force for positive change and long-term benefit to be a genuine force for positive change and long-term benefit to society.

To achieve this ambition, stimulate action, and help us navigate the journey, we have developed Our Social Value Plan – which sets out 12 priorities, under four key pillars as a roadmap for delivering positive social impact.

This plan will guide our business until 2024 - and we aim to be collaborative in delivery and transparent on progress along the journey.

Download "Our social value plan"

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