Involve and listen to local partners and communities

To design and deliver the most effective services, we engage with local partners – whether they are in small communities, cities, regions, or the whole of the UK.

Place based partners and innovation

The ADEPT SMART Places Programme is a five-year project examining and developing innovation to enable the adoption of innovative and digital technology across the local highway network. In January 2019, ADEPT secured £22.9m funding from the Department of Transport for Phase 3 of the programme, which will see the development of eight individual Live Labs projects led by local authorities with university and private sector partners.

Amey is a leading partner in the ADEPT Live Labs. These are piloting innovation across SMART communications, transport, highways maintenance, energy, materials and mobility. In particular, we are championing the innovation accelerator scheme delivered through our partnership with Staffordshire County Council. Ten successful SMEs have been chosen to enter the incubator programme and receive funding to trial their innovative air quality and mobility solutions in Staffordshire.

Introducing new Regional Hubs

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic we developed the idea of building regional hubs, to bring together senior Amey leaders across sectors and functions that work in the same geographical area. A shift of focus to geographical links rather than work areas would better support our wider societal effort and create partnerships across the communities we live in and serve.

Starting with a pilot in Scotland, these hubs have now gained momentum, supporting not only increased employee collaboration and representation, but also the delivery of positive social value. Each hub has an Executive Committee sponsor. Hubs have been developed in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the North West and the North East – and we intend to create more across the UK in 2021.

Local social value measurement and performance evidence

We are introducing an online reporting platform designed by a Manchester social enterprise, Reason Digital, to capture our social value activities in the communities and geographies we operate in. Our aim is to have a better understanding of the outcomes and impacts of our efforts and a tangible assessment of value. We will use this platform to report on our social value activity and outcomes, using it along with client specified frameworks, such as the National TOMs.

Our focus is to capture both the quantitative and the qualitative impact of social value, with a focus on the stories of change our initiatives have made to people.