Reducing the risk of modern slavery

Amey recognises its responsibility to take a robust approach to modern-day slavery and human trafficking and takes a zero tolerance approach to non-compliance with the Act in any part of its business or its supply chain.

Our approach to reducing the risk of modern slavery occurring

Amey operates under the following policies, which ensure business is conducted to the highest ethical standards: Amey Code of Ethics, Sustainable Procurement and Supply Chain Policy Statement, Recruitment Policy, Inclusion Policy, Safeguarding Policy, Health and Safety Policy, Social Value Policy. These can all be viewed at

We reinforce our commitment through robust processes. This begins with pre-employment screening for all potential recruits, including identity checks and confirmation of entitlement to work in the UK.

Our policies require that our sub-contractors and suppliers acknowledge their responsibility for adhering to our policies relating to modern slavery and human trafficking.

Contractual terms include obligations to comply with our policies. We undertake risk assessment and supply chain mapping to identify the key modern slavery risks in our supply chain. We audit key supply chain partners to assess their controls and learn from best practice.

We deliver training to employees on the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking and how to take steps to mitigate these. We have an anonymous grievance and whistle-blowing process in place to cover any concerns within the business or the supply chain.


Steps to strengthen our approach in 2020

We continue to review and strengthen our approach to minimise the risk of modern slavery occurring. In 2020 this included:

  • Additional employee checks including signs of the duplication of next of kin, addresses and bank details. These indicators may signpost to activity of slavery
  • A refresh of our supply chain mapping and risk assessment, led by our Heads of Procurement and taking a category approach
  • Signing the Gangmaster and Labour Abuse Authorities’ Construction Protocol
  • Refreshing our online training, using our online LearnUpon system and offline training, for roll-out in 2021.

Measure for combatting modern slavery are constantly reviewed. Our main KPI is measured against number of incidents raised. During 2019 there were no incidents of modern slavery raised. In early 2021, Amey completed the Cabinet Office’s Modern Slavery Assessment Tool and scored 94%. We continue to review and implement recommendations from this assessment.

Our 'Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement'

As is a legal requirement, Amey produced an annual slavery and human trafficking statement. This statement explains the breadth or our business and our commitment to building long-term sustainable relationships with our suppliers encouraging collaborative working and exchange of innovative and good industry practises. To view the statement please visit