Create greener places to live and work

Amey operates across a range of environments, from highly populated urban areas to remote and rural areas. A number of the services we design and deliver have the protection and enhancement of the natural environment at their absolute heart.

Design out carbon


Our Consulting team provide expertise in carbon forecasting, footprinting and reduction strategy. This unifies operational, data analytics and carbon reduction expertise that builds infrastructure resilience throughout its lifecycle. They also provide Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA) accredited carbon training across our value chain.

We are embedding and promoting the ‘PAS 2080 Carbon Management in Infrastructure’ principles throughout our management systems to make carbon accountancy business as usual. This provides the evidence base needed for decisionmakers to deliver net zero infrastructure. Our data management expertise enables us to create a data-led approach to achieving sustainability objectives. As part of our Consulting business, Amey benefit from the expertise of in-house environment and sustainability specialists. The specialist team has grown by 13% since 2019 86 employees.

Energy Management

Amey Secure Infrastructure delivers energy management services for a wide variety of public sector clients. We conduct energy surveys and create strategies to reduce energy, cost and carbon. Our services include utility usage optimisation and the design and implementation of energy and building management systems with – where required - agile or remote controls. In 2020 we enhanced our sensor and data systems to provide improved analytics and established an energy team, to provide a more focused energy and sustainability management service.

Installing LED Street Lighting across the UK

Amey has been reducing carbon by designing, installing and maintaining more energy efficient, LED lighting solutions across the UK. Amey’s innovative Street Lighting Installation Tracker is helping to reduce UK energy consumption by improving management and monitoring of street lighting LED installations. Amey has collectively installed over 200,000 LEDs across 14 areas of the UK reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Waste Treatment and Energy generation  

In 2020 we treated 775,409 tonnes of waste – this included recycling 102,404 tonnes which saved over 173,997 CO2 tonnes equivalent. Through the use of Advanced Thermal Treatment and Anaerobic Digestion waste treatment technologies across our four waste sites we generated 193,950 MWh of renewable electricity, saving a further 70,357 CO2 tonnes equivalent.

In 2020, we worked with third party aggregate recycling partners to create reusable aggregate from 63,802 tonnes of Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) from our Milton Keynes and Allerton Waste Recovery Parks which has a number of environmental benefits, not least the protection of virgin aggregate resource.