Birmingham cycle revolution

Birmingham Cycle Revolution (BCR) is a city-wide project focused on making cycling an everyday mode of travel in Birmingham over the next 20 years, making the city a healthier, greener & safer place to cycle. Amey has been involved since the first stages of the project which aimed at improving cycling facilities within a 20-minute cycling time of Birmingham city centre.

What did we do?

From the outset, the project intention was to align the project design to Amey values and objectives of creating better solutions, delivering great service and putting people first.  

A value-based design was achieved by using lessons learnt from previous schemes. This included workshops with Birmingham City Council (BCC) and Construction teams as well as a walk and build phase within the design to achieve optimum design and outputs. During what was called Phase 2 of the work, the designs were undertaken from first principles, based on information gathered by BCC as part of their stakeholder liaison on consultation process.  

The main elements of design undertaken included:

  • Cycle routes designed into existing footway and footpath areas, with the introduction of  segregated footpath and cycle path facilities 
  • Use of white lining and signposting to ensure pedestrian and vehicles areas were not compromised by the introduction of cycle facilities 
  • Introduction of coloured surfaces to delineate cycle facilities  
  • Appropriate crossing points provided with the inclusion of controlled and uncontrolled crossing points 

What was the impact?

Amey delivered the project on time, within budget, and in compliance with the required quality standards and targets. The design team were involved throughout the whole process from concept design to completion of construction on site. This provided a joined-up approach and value for money.  

  • Continued strong client relationship  
  • Value Engineering and Cost-effective solutions  
  • Collaborative work 
  • Early Contractor and project management involvement