What we do

We make journeys better and exploring easier – by helping to make railways, motorways, roads and airports run safely and smoothly. 

Creating better journeys

Our work in the transport sector means you can get where you need to be quickly and safely. We create a better travel experience by:

  • Putting safety first – to keep you and your loved ones safe
  • Minimising disruptions – to keep you moving
  • Connecting travel networks – to help you get from A to B
  • Modernising roads and railways – for safe and reliable journeys
  • Investing in technology – to keep infrastructure up to date


We work with rail providers and train operating companies to keep their existing assets running as smoothly as possible. These clients include Network Rail, the London Underground and Docklands Light Railway for Transport for London.

We look after things like railway track, overhead lines, signalling systems, power supplies and security systems. We also work on some of the UK’s biggest rail projects like Crossrail and the electrification of the Great Western Main Line. Having secured the Civil Examination Framework Agreements (CEFA), we also inspect nearly all of Network Rail’s assets – like stations and bridges.

  • 100,000+ assets inspected every year
  • 37 million passengers travel on DLR every year
  • 69% improvement in lost customer hours on Jubilee, Piccadilly and Northern lines
  • 9,300m plain line track replaced
  • 86 contracts


We help minimise congestion and maximise safety – improving journey times and experiences for your family, business or community. That means designing and maintaining roads, footpaths and cycle paths; managing traffic, street lighting and grounds maintenance; and keeping the roads clear of snow in winter.

We partner with more than 15 local authorities to keep towns and cities moving, including Birmingham, Sheffield and Staffordshire. We also work with clients like Highways England, the Department for Transport, Transport Scotland, the Welsh Assembly Government and Transport NI. And internationally we partner with the Metropolitan Transport Authority in New York as well as Australia’s Roads and Maritime Services.

  • 60,000 km of roads taken care of globally
  • 15+ local authorities
  • 725,000 of street lights maintained


We help airports to operate successfully and to handle increasing passenger numbers. That means working on projects like supporting London Heathrow in its 30 year expansion plan – so it has the space to accommodate new aircrafts like the A380.

And it means helping other airports meet growing demands by advising them how to invest wisely.  We help with things like airside planning, ground lighting, runway and pavement design, and airfield and stand planning – as well as providing facilities management to keep the airports clean.

  • 1.2 million lift-offs and landings a year on runways we maintain
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