What we do

We’ve been helping to fund vital infrastructure and services projects for nearly twenty years through Investment of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs). And it’s something we’re really proud of.

Most people know us for our operational work – running the roads, railways, utilities, facilities and services that go into creating better places to live, work and travel. But we don’t only create and run services, we also help our clients unlock the major funding sources that transform major projects into reality. Over the past ten years we’ve raised over £4billion of private finance, including traditional bank debt, bond issues, prudential borrowing and European Investment Bank funding.

Our dedicated investments team help our local and central government clients to make, and set up, really smart, innovative financing methods – particularly for large projects like energy from waste plants and highways PFIs. Combining the brainpower of lawyers, estimators, financial modellers, commercial managers and bankers, the Investments Team has a range of specialist knowledge rarely found in companies such as ours.

Because of our team’s experience and expertise, we can secure the best value-for-money for clients. And because we have such a deep understanding of the operational delivery of services such as waste or highways management, we can make sure that financing arrangements we help put in place are right. Very few companies like ours have this specialist capability.

We stand out from the competition by providing efficient funding, business development and strategic solutions that save our clients’ money and increase the value of our services.

Creating better infrastructure

Private finance is a core part of meeting the UK’s infrastructure needs, improving ageing networks, futureproofing against modern day demands, keeping the UK competitive and boosting economic growth. We help to do this by:

  • Investing in infrastructure projects – to keep your services and infrastructure running and to support economic growth
  • Securing finance to deliver services- to ensure our customers can deliver their plans and projects.
  • Creating finance solutions to modernise service delivery - to keep the UK at the forefront of service delivery.

Specialist in house funding and finance solutions

Our best in class financial modelling capabilities contribute to optimal financial strategies. We can support our customers with strategic and complex bids and projects which require all forms of finance.

Our investments team secured the financing of Allerton Waste Recovery Park – a state-of-the-art facility that will reduce the amount of waste going to landfill by 90% while generating enough energy to power the equivalent of 40,000 homes.

With construction nearly complete, the facility, which will be operated by us on behalf of North Yorkshire County Council and the City of York Council for 25 years from 2018, was only made possible by close collaboration between the private and public sector.

  • £4billion+ of private financing raised over the past 10 years

Specialist infrastructure funding and finance solutions

Because we understand financing, infrastructure and public services we successfully unlock funding and innovative financing solutions that help create better places to live, work and travel in the UK.

We can support our customers in strategic and complex bids requiring all forms of finance. This allows everyone to maximise potential on major infrastructure projects. Our best in class financial modelling capabilities help us achieve optimal financial strategy either saving money or creating value for our customers. At the heart of our service is relationships; we work closely with our customers, equity investors and funders to create solutions that drive positive outcomes for us all.

Investment portfolio management

We manage investment portfolios to drive and realise shareholder value. And we have outstanding capabilities in managing complex investments at different periods of their project lifecycle.

After reaching financial close, we work to manage the changing environment of a project and impact on the associated investments. We’re always working hard to increase the value of our clients’ and our own portfolio - which is currently valued at more than £160m - in-line with secondary market trends.

Special purpose vehicle / company management

We also provide management services to around 18 of our investment Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) throughout their lifetimes. As part of that we offer financial and management accounting services to SPVs and Special Purpose Companies (SPCs).

Complex project management

We manage complex infrastructure projects, saving money for our clients and managing our risks by keeping the finances on track. Our specialist team knows infrastructure and investments inside out, so we’re able to offer smart solutions to complex scenarios like designing, building and funding new infrastructure like energy from waste plants, or upgrading existing infrastructure like roads and railways.


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