Repairs and maintenance

Our highly experienced teams maintain and expand the UK’s gas distribution network to ensure a safe gas supply for homes and businesses. Their work ranges from simple gas connections to complex design and installation. We always aim to minimise disruption and always engage with residents and business who are affected so they are kept fully informed.

We offer both planned and emergency repair services to the UK’s major gas suppliers. Our planned work includes upgrading gas networks by replacing ageing infrastructure as well as delivering extensions and new connections. We also provide reinstatement services. Our 24/7 emergency service response teams are ready to act promptly to reported gas leaks, purges, relights and other emergencies.

Our gas engineers are fully accredited to meet all specified standards so we ensure mains replacement, diversions, maintenance, asset extensions and connections are completed safely and efficiently. We apply sophisticated processes, as well as all the latest technologies and innovations to ensure safety and minimise disruption to customers.

We always encourage gas users to take a safe approach and it’s not just our customers whose interests we look after. We also work closely with communities to deliver educational campaigns on safety, for example, helping primary school children to be more aware about keeping safe around roadworks when gas repairs are underway.