Environmental and Waste

What we do

We protect our environment by encouraging you to reuse and recycle more – reducing the amount of waste going to landfill, creating energy from waste and keeping our streets and public spaces, like parks, clean.

Creating better environments

A better environment means a better quality of life for everyone. We do this by:

  • Looking after open spaces – so you can live, work and relax in the comfort of your local community
  • Keeping litter off streets – so you can enjoy clean surroundings
  • Collecting, reusing and recycling waste – to create a more sustainable future
  • Providing education and awareness projects – to help us all to  recycle more and reduce waste
  • Generating energy from waste – to save and protect natural resources  

Collecting Waste

We create clean, safe neighbourhoods by collecting and managing waste from households and businesses. By working closely with communities and local authorities – like the City of London, Solihull, Dartford, Trafford and Isle of Wight– we help you reuse and recycle effectively.

And we understand the importance of effective bin collection services – because it directly impacts the cleanliness and appearance of your neighbourhoods.

  • 1 million+ homes reached by our collection teams
  • 1.8 million tonnes of waste transported per annum

Clean Streets

We create public spaces you can be proud of. Litter and general street cleanliness frequently top the lists of residents’ concerns. And, given its visible impact on our environment, it remains an ongoing challenge for local authorities to keep streets graffiti and litter-free.

Our street cleansing teams work to create attractive, inviting places for us all to live, work and visit. By clearing litter, tackling graffiti and maintaining award-winning loos, we help local authorities – including the City of London, Gloucester and Dartford – create a cleaner, greener, safer environment for everyone. And, because each place comes with its own cleansing needs, we use technology to make sure our approach is always relevant to the local area.

  • 20,000+ streets kept clean and tidy across the UK. 

Grounds Maintenance

We understand the role public spaces play in shaping communities. So we use our knowledge of local environments, natural resources, plants and habitats to look after parks, gardens and open spaces. We work hard to create functional, inspirational places that we can all enjoy and appreciate.

Our highly skilled grounds maintenance teams work up and down the country to make sure first impressions count. That means taking care of everything from tree management and maintenance, to landscaping and complex planting schemes – for local councils like Selby, Solihull, Gloucester and Eden. We are proud that many of our local authority customers have achieved Green Flag status for their parks and gardens and Britain in Bloom awards. We also manage cemeteries in some parts of the country. 

  • 127 million km2 of space looked after by our grounds maintenance teams

Recycling Centres

We make recycling easier for everyone with modern household waste recycling centres (HWRC). You can bring along your recyclables that aren’t routinely taken at kerbside collections and safely recycle them.

Our on-site teams put a big focus on customer service so everyone – residents and local authorities alike – can do their bit in diverting waste from landfill. Local councils we work with include Hertfordshire, Isle of Wight, Central Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

We are always introducing innovative ideas to the way we manage HWRCs – helping us identify new markets for recyclable materials.

  • 4 million+ people visit the 47 HRWCs we manage every day

Waste Treatment

We see the potential in waste by reusing, recycling and turning it into energy. And we help local authorities do the same, working with them to design, build and manage treatment facilities. Our waste services cover everything from the doorstep right through to processing, recycling and creating energy from waste.

While this effectively cuts the amount of waste going to landfill, it also helps us preserve precious and scarce natural resources. By transforming domestic and commercial waste into high quality raw materials and renewable energy, we’re helping the UK improve resource efficiency.  Local councils we work with include Isle of Wight, Cambridgeshire, Milton Keynes, North Yorkshire and York.

  • 60,000 homes powered by 2018 with the energy we’re creating

Commercial Waste

We take care of waste and recycling for large and small companies including schools, businesses, industries, hospitals and shops. They all generate waste, so we step in with flexible services specific to the organisations’ needs.

We answer questions about waste legislation to ensure companies stay compliant and meet Duty of Care requirements when it comes to storage and waste handling. And we help capture data, so organisations can report their waste management performance through our technology-enabled collection vehicles. Clients who benefit from our trade waste services can be found up and down the country – in areas including Manchester, Trafford, Liverpool, Cambridge and Northamptonshire.

  • 16,000+ trade waste clients
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