What we do

We take on some of the most complex issues facing the world’s infrastructure, by combining expertise and talent, with data, innovation and cutting-edge technology.  And because we operate and maintain assets, we understand the long-term impact of our engineering advice and design. So our smart infrastructure solutions are based on real-life challenges.

Creating better infrastructure

Engineering underpins everything we do. We help some of the world’s biggest asset owners to better plan for, understand and manage their assets. We keep assets like bridges, roads, railways and substations running smoothly by:

  • Using data to minimise disruption – predictive maintenance keeps things up and running
  • Doing more with less – to meet government and client budget challenges
  • Being smart – improving assets to help overcome ageing infrastructure, keep up with demand and help clients to get the most out of their infrastructure
  • Staying ahead – to keep the UK at the forefront of engineering 
  • Investing in the future – to develop the next generation of engineers

Rail and Metro

We’re world leaders in asset management, engineering design and operational delivery. By solving complex rail challenges for clients like Network Rail or Transport for London - and creating solutions that work for rail users - we’re helping train and tram journeys run more smoothly.


Great engineering helps reduce congestion and improve journey times on our roads. And we understand both the need and demand for smart solutions that make this happen.


We understand that airports work best when people, places and technology work seamlessly together. That’s why we help clients like Heathrow and Glasgow maintain and maximise their spaces, making your movement around airports safer and more enjoyable.


We’ve been keeping your homes and businesses connected to the essentials like clean water, gas and power for over 40 years. Our team of over 60 specialist consultants apply their engineering design knowledge on some of the UK’s most vital utilities infrastructures.

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