Garage and loft space surveys Matthews Estate, Tidworth

This page is dedicated to providing answers for residents from the Matthews Estate, Tidworth following the incident involving the collapse of a garage gable end. 

If you have any questions please email Responses to your questions will be posted below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following the visual surveys. How are the surveys to SFA going to be arranged? Do I need to book an appointment?

Our consultant Faithful & Gould will contact you direct, to arrange an appointment for the survey to your loft space and garage.

How will I know if I am affected and to what extent?

Visual surveys have already been carried out to identify any garages that are in a vulnerable position (ie exposed to the elements at high level), and have similar characteristics to the one at 27 Connaught Road, and works have commenced to those affected.

How can you ensure I am safe before the survey to my home takes place?

Surveys have been carried out to empty homes across the estate, and initial findings suggest there are the appropriate restraint straps in place. These surveys are a precautionary measure that is being taken for you and your family’s safety.

What will happen with my belongings stored in the garage or loft?

Our surveyors should be able to work around any items stored, but they may ask you to remove items if they are blocking the area.

Will I need to move out temporarily before the survey happens?

No, we have reviewed the risks and have determined that you are safe in your home, and these surveys are being undertaken as a precaution. Should remedial works be required, this can be completed without the need for you to move.

If I am affected, how and when will the rent for my garage be stopped and storage facilities be arranged?

If we contact you to temporarily close off your garage, we will also make arrangements for rent to be stopped.

Will Covid 19 guidelines apply during any survey of my SFA?

Yes of course. All of our staff and supply chain partners follow robust Covid 19 guidelines.

What if I am self-isolating?

In line with Government guidelines, we will postpone the survey to your home until you have finished self-isolating, then the survey can be rescheduled.

How will I be updated during this process?

Following the surveys, we will contact you to arrange any necessary remedial works, and explain what will be done.

Do I need to contact the National Housing Prime Helpdesk or The Occupancy Services Team?

There’s no need to contact us, but we do ask that your co-operation in providing access for the surveyors.




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