IT and homeworking

In the ongoing bid to curb the Coronavirus outbreak it may be necessary for employees to work from home due to self-isolation or as part of Amey’s contingency plans. It is hoped that it will reduce the chance of group spread as well as the opportunity for the virus to be caught in communal office spaces.

Principles of home working:

  • Whilst home working, employees must take responsibility for their work during office hours; the approach relies on there being trust between managers and employees. This is so fundamental that any breach of trust may be regarded as misconduct, and appropriate action may follow under the Disciplinary Policy.
  • It is essential that good communication is maintained between the employee and their manager. The people manager will need to come to an agreement with the homeworker not only over how contact will be made. The people manager should review these arrangements regularly to ensure they are working for everyone involved.
  • Employees are expected to work in the same way, whether they are in the office or working from home. For example, if they would usually be available to answer the telephone, respond to emails etc. during the contracted hours they will be expected to do this when working from home, unless a change is agreed. Whether or not the
    people manager agrees to a change, will depend upon the circumstances of the request and its impact on the team and service delivery.
  • All of Amey’s policies and procedures continue to apply including but not limited to Health & Safety, Lone Working, Sickness Absence.

Employees will:

  • Agree working arrangements with their manager (and in consultation with other team members where appropriate).
  • Ensure that their manager knows when and where they are working.
  • Ensure their Outlook calendar is up-to-date, and their working status is known at all times.
  • Meet agreed work objectives, deadlines and monitoring arrangements, with a focus on outcomes and achievement
  • Take care of equipment such as laptops, particularly when travelling or working from home. Any loss, damage or theft must be reported to the manager and the police, if appropriate.
  • Take breaks in the same way that they would if working in an office environment.
  • Take care of their own health, safety and well-being, and follow the Display Screen Guidance and other health and safety arrangements and procedures.

Managers will:

  • Ensure that safe working practices are understood by employees and that they have the tools they need to do their jobs effectively.
  • Plan and think creatively about how home working could work for their team.

Managers will ensure that their employees:

  • Have access to the appropriate technology to work effectively both in the office environment and from home.
  • Have access to appropriate support to work effectively in the new ways.
  • Take responsibility for creating a safe working environment when working from home.
  • Have their individual circumstances and requirements taken into account, considering reasonable adjustments if appropriate.
  • Have regular 1:1 conversations.
  • Ensure that information governance and health, safety and wellbeing requirements are adhered to.

Working Hours

Where the agreed working pattern allows for flexibility, both manager and employee should monitor to ensure excessive hours are not being worked. It is important that working patterns and hours are not detrimental to the employee’s health and comply with the Working Time Regulations.

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessments

A short-term home working self-assessment form is available for employees to use to assist them to work safely at home.

Telephone and internet accounts

This is a temporary arrangement and is not a permanent change to terms and conditions. Amey will not make payments to reimburse the employee for telephone and internet accounts.


All employees working from home must ensure that they adhere to Amey’s policies, procedures and guidance in relation to Information Security and GDPR.

For more information on IT and security, we have published Q&As on AmeyWorld (a secure location), which you can find using the link on the right.


Amey employees will continue to be covered under the Amey Employers Liability policy. This is a statutory policy and will cover injuries sustained by the employees for where Amey are held to be negligent.

Any Amey equipment the employees have been provided with e.g. Laptops, printers etc will be insured under the Amey Property programme. This policy will only cover Amey’s assets and will not extend to cover those of the employee.


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