Embracing difference

Inclusion is about accepting people for who they are - no matter of background, identity, or circumstances. It's about showing respect and making adjustments to remove barriers so that everyone is comfortable and confident to be themselves, where they feel valued and also empowered to add value.

National Inclusion Week 2021 events... listen again

What is Neurodiversity? Get some insight into what we mean by neurodiversity and what Amey is doing to become a neurodiversity smart organisation- What is neurodiversity?

Women’s Festival - hosted by The Women at Amey Affinity Group  

What is Privilege Anyway? led by our affinity network leads to broaden out our views on difference - What is privilege anyway?

Pride Network - Allies Matter - straight people make up the majority in workplaces and society as a whole, and can make invaluable allies in the campaign for LGBT+ rights and inclusion - Allies Matter

Culture and Inclusion Workshop - led by Christina Brooks of Ruebik and examines how individuals can contribute to a positive culture - Culture Workshop

Become an Inclusion Ambassador

Our Inclusion Ambassadors align to our Regional Hubs and are at the centre of activities taking place at a local level, providing a focal point in each contract, depot or office.

We’re always on the look out for employees with a passion for inclusion, interested in learning more about it, as well as being happy to share information back to their colleagues to become ambassadors.

We need people from every level of the business to help drive a culture change so that we can become a more inclusive, engaged and healthy workforce.

Everything you need to know about being an Amey Inclusion Ambassador webinar: to listen again click here.

Employees who take on this voluntary role (with their line manager’s approval) will spend approximately one day per month (spread across the month) acting as a positive role model helping to promote inclusive practices and campaigns as well as offering support to employees. 

See the links in the blue buttons on the right hand side of the page to find out more about the role and who to contact to have an initial discussion. 

Words without action isn’t enough

To seriously address race in the workplace, we all need to unite and work together to ensure we have an impact and change attitudes and behaviours that affect our ethnic minority employees. We're taking part in the Race Equality Matters initiative, Safe Space, a facilitated dialogue between senior leaders and employees representing ethnic minorities, discussing the reality of what it’s like in our workplaces and identifying what needs to be changed. Commitments and actions will be agreed to help tackle some of the issues raised, to create real change around racial inequality.

Understanding privilege and the different types of bias and inequalities in the workplace is crucial to changing behaviours and addressing the issues.  Click here to listen again to one of the webinars we held with employees to discuss this subject.

Network groups

Our networks continue to provide a community of support and connection, a safe space to share concerns, learn from one another and generate ideas for future campaigns. These groups are open to all employees - see links on the right hand side of the page for the Yammer groups.

Women at Amey promoting gender inclusion at Amey through attracting, supporting, developing and retaining women in our business at all stages of their career. We are a virtual group of over 400 employees based on Yammer and open for all employees to join.

Pride Network is open for all to join. Our aim is to build an environment that's safe and inclusive of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people and their allies. The group takes part in Pride across the UK and hosts online social and learning events. Join the conversation on Yammer to find out more.

Multicultural Network brings together multicultural colleagues to promote and educate on the diversity of cultures across the business. The network provides support and allyship to employees from multicultural backgrounds. Click here to hear why Kelvin Campbell has taken on the role of Chair and why he’s passionate about actively speaking up and doing something about race inequality. All new members are welcome.

Neurodiversity Network has two main aims: the first aim is to create a safe space for employees who identify as neurodiverse, or have been diagnosed with neurological conditions (such as ADHD, Autism Spectrum Condition, Dyslexia), to reach out and contact like-minded individuals at Amey. The second aim is to raise awareness of neurodiversity to those who wish to broaden their understanding of what it means and how it can effect their colleagues.


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